Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WPS from Multiple PQRs?

Hey Paul,
How does one support a WPS from multiple PQR's?

I've used multiple PQR's on a single WPS many, many, many times.  When creating a WPS in manufacturing for GMAW I may want the WPS to cover all the electrode diameters (0.035, 0.045, 0.052) and wire feed speed (WFS) ranges that can be run.  A typical ER70S-6 WPS could take me 9 PQRs (3 dial. x 3 WFS ranges).  That was common for me as a Welding Engineer.
When I qualify a single PQR I'll write as many WPS's from it as I can.  Example: I qualify a Bevel Groove with a PQR, I'll also write a WPS for a V-Groove, a U- or J-, all the PJP's I can and Fillets.  I try to get as much “Bang For My Buck” as I can.


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Unknown said...

Hi Paul,
Quick addition to this question. Can a CWI write a welding procedure just being a CWI? Or does the company he works for Enginering department have to give him the power to?