Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4.2.1 Qualification to Earlier Editions

Dan C. AWS Certified Welder and CWI
Mr. Cameron,
I currently have the AWS D1.1-2006 Edition and was wondering if I should indeed get the 2010 Edition.
Using your D1.1-06, take a look at Section 4.2.1 (referred to as "Clause" in later editions):
4.2.1 Qualification to Earlier Editions. “…The use of earlier editions shall be prohibited for new qualifications…."
A lot of us have old revisions of welding references we use from time to time to answer welding questions. If you're using your D1.1-06 as a reference, that should be fine. I use a 2004 edition often for reference because it’s a searchable pdf. It gets me where I need to be quickly. Once there, I’ll backup what I’ve found with the current revision. That works for me, but only with D1.1
If you’re making welding decisions for someone under a contract you most likely need to upgrade. Somewhere in the contract documents, often right on the design prints, the code of record will be mentioned. All your answers need to come out of this code. If you are developing new weld procedures and/or qualifying welders, doing so requires you to use the latest revision.
I just did a quick scan of my Codes & Standards library and count 60+ documents. That can be pricey. Some are the latest revision, others are old, well used and being held for sentimental reasons (Sigh: Remember that Beloit project? Shimmyin’ along 20” Sch. 80 pipe, 30 ft. up, in 24ºf and rain. Those were the days. Dream Over!). I've been able to build that library by asking those I contract with to supply me a non-pirated copy of the referenced code. Having the correct revision is critical to insuring you’ve made the right call. Today, all my most referenced codes and standards are stored on a 2g memory stick. Having what is needed to make the decision at the job site is as close as my car keys.
Codes are reviewed on a regular basis. Teams of folks from our industries come together to form technical committees. These teams typically include members who: 1) apply the code in their workplace, 2) regulate the industry and 3) supply that industry. At regular intervals these groups come together to address suggested changes, sharing their experiences and knowledge and hammering out that next revision.
In the past D1.1 was revised every 2 years. Beginning with 2010 they will make revisions on a 5 year cycle (pocket books rejoice). So this is a good time to be replacing that old code.
Many of us keep an old code revision around that we use as a reference from time to time, but if your customers understand that "Welding shall comply with the latest revision of AWS D1.1 - Structural Welding Code - Steel" -or- If you are currently qualifying welders and/or procedures to D1.1, then you're going to need an upgrade.
Good luck